Feeling Submissive


Somedays I wake up feeling submissive. Not in a ‘tell me what to do all day and I’ll do it’ kinda way. More in a ‘I hope she let’s her inner Domme loose today and treats me like her little bitch when we start fooling around’ kinda way.

It’s a difficult feeling and sensation as it means her needs have to align with mine. That she doesn’t want me to spank her arse as I bend her over after asking her to kneel in front of me and suck me to full hardness. It means she’s willing to make me wait. It means she’s willing to not be put off when I beg her for more or to stop. It means she has to read subtle cues I’m giving off that means I want her in charge.

When I feel like this I want her to be my Goddess. To worship her in anyway she wants. For her to sit on my face with force so that I briefly can’t breathe. For her to lead me upstairs by my twitching erection. For her to take all that power I feel from having such a large, impossibly hard appendage jutting out from my body and remove all of that power by making me a slave to whatever her whims are. A simple firm squeeze with just a little extra force to remind me I’m in the palm of her hand. Literally.

And if I do bend her over to fuck her it’s on her terms. She dictates the speed, whether I should thrust into her or whether she’s in the driver’s seat and forcing herself back upon my length. And I have to beg her to let me cum. When she demands I fill her with my seed as she approaches an orgasm I push into her with everything | have, both because I need to and I desperately want to please my Goddess.

Afterwards I want her to tell me that I’m dirty bitch for wanting to fuck her but also I’m a good boy (or girl-she decides which gender she wants to address me as) and that I’ve done a good job. I’ve briefly satisfied her needs and she’ll let me out of my submissive headspace.

Of course, our needs aligning in such a way doesn’t happen often. But when it does I feel like the luckiest man alive that I have promised myself to such a sexual Goddess whom I can surrender myself to completely or who can surrender herself to me. Without judgment. Without question. And always from a place of love and exploration.

Role play must always start from a place of trust, a power exchange from the submissive to the dominant.

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