Exploring Fetishes: Impregnation, lactation and more


Impregnation fantasies are a thing. Women wanting to become pregnant or ‘bred’. Men wanting to do the ‘breeding’. Even men wanting to become pregnant have them it seems as lines between gender become more blurred. There’s quite a few people talking about them on reddit and other such forums and there’s a wealth of porn on the matter. If we’re including pregnancy in general it’s almost always listed as a separate category by itself on most sites so it seems it must be pretty popular.

Then there’s even more niche things such as alien impregnation, male impregnation and pregnancy porn and pretty much anything you can think of. In fact, they even make sex toys catering to alien impregnation fetishes-there is a one which exists with the most onomatopoeically named sex toys ever, the ‘splorch’.

Given that it’s such a big area, why is it still taboo? And what is it’s appeal? This is a tricky one but I like a challenge and I hope the honesty of my writing and blogging is one of the things that draws people into my weird world and keeps them coming back.

My own take on this subject is I can fully understand it. I think there’s something inherently sexy about the form of a pregnant woman. It’s the natural state and next stage after sex (from a purely functional and evolutionary point of view.) I’ve ‘enjoyed’ (you know what I mean, don’t make me spell it out!) some pregnancy pornographic videos back when I used to use pornography regularly (something I’ve been limiting gradually for several months now) and I like the things surrounding this theme and connected to it. Let’s break it into smaller categories and analyse things further.

With pregnancy (toward the end or afterwards) lactation occurs. Again, there is a wealth of smut dedicated to this and it was one of the things I really enjoyed imagining and writing about for the third part of my Recording Series books. My own belief about why milk flying from nipples freely is sexy is a fairly simple one-it’s another messy liquid to get involved in sex play!

I suppose we could also argue that the expression of milk from breasts can also be fairly unique, in the sense the amount produced, how far it’s expelled, does it ‘fountain’ from many tiny holes or drip languidly and thick from one point-similar to the excitement of squirting or even traditional male ejaculation. Part of the fun is the surprise element of which is it going to be this time. This is definitely a factor for me, unpredictability and sex can often be the most fun part-even when you plan things out how the end result can be can still surprise you!

We could also analyse it from a psychoanalytical point of view and say it’s almost Freudian, starting our own relationship to breasts as sexual things from the moment we ourselves are breastfed but I struggle to believe it. And if it is true then there’s no completely honest way to know as we’re too young to discern sexual from non-sexual at that point and our ability to fully form memories hasn’t quite emerged.

Going back to the ‘messy liquid’ theory I propose, I love messy sex. Not quite ‘let’s sit in a bath of beans or smooth cake in each others faces’ sploshing sex some enjoy but more in a ‘holy-fuck that was so hot we’re both now covered in our own and each others juices/fluids/ejaculations as they exploded in an orgy of pleasure and mess’. My imaginings would be that milk coming from another (albeit many tiny) orifice(s) would add to that and be something to giggle at as you both wonder who has to sleep in the ‘even bigger’ wet patch. Again, there’s the taboo element about tasting it but, if the majority of us can still think drinking milk from another animal is normal, surely tasting another human’s milk would be even more normal? And, if we’re at a time in society where we can freely admit to enjoying ‘eating some ass’ (another thing I love, too!) then surely we can admit we’d be curious as to what human breast milk tastes like?

The next thing to tackle would be the physical change-that of the swollen belly, breasts and everywhere else. Having known people who’ve been pregnant I know it’s not all fun and definitely not ‘a cup of tea’ (of course it’s not, only a cup of tea is a cup of tea-where do these expressions come from?) but I personally think the pregnant form is to be celebrated and enjoyed, not shunned or entirely boiled down to just a fetish.

Ancient cultures which worshipped women instead of marginalising them have long shown a celebration of the larger proportions pregnancy brings. It is seen a time of change, of transition, of new life. In our current climate, even a swollen stomach ripe with new life is sometimes seen as ‘fat’ and there is a race to not put on too much weight when pregnant and, of course, be back to pre-baby weight within a couple of weeks of it being born. This is not only unrealistic, but damaging to mothers everywhere. And, if there was an open and honest debate about it, obviously not all that much in demand by some of the population given how large a category within pornography there is for pregnancy. Not that this doesn’t come with it’s own risk of fetishisation, but I do think it shows there are a lot of people who think pregnant women are sexy and can be seen as sexual beings throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

I personally think there’s something primal and timeless about a pregnant woman-we all came from one, it’s how our universe was birthed. The product of a coupling which then later resulted in our coming into being. Whether we were wanted or not, or whether that coupling was loving or not, is far too far-reaching for me to deal with here but we are all the result of it.

This primal nature of it leads me ever so nicely to my final point-impregnation fantasies. I have enjoyed some porn in the past within this small genre and it definitely stems from how raw it is. How basic. The female protagonist begging for your cum or ‘seed’ to fill her up is something I find too sexy. Phrases like ‘fuck a baby into me’, ‘make me pregnant’, ‘make me yours’ or ‘I’m a cumslut/cum dumpster etc’ can be really hot. Also massively wrong, I understand that no-one is someone else’s property by any means, sexual or otherwise and some of these terms are massively derogatory but when I’m in the right mood these phrases trigger something inside of me.

Whilst looking into things to help (ahem) research this article I was shocked at how aroused I found some of the material. People sharing pictures of their changing bodies on reddit posts, stories of their own experiences and even strange things such as an acted only (no actual touching or anything involved!) porn movie titled ‘9 months in 9 minutes’ (link removed-no longer works) was oddly arousing and I’m not fully sure why.

An explanation offered by some helpful reddit users alluded to the ‘evolutionary factor’. As in the basic purpose of sex is procreation. I think there’s some truth in this and trying to deny we are evolved animals or separate from other beings and their reasons for sex based on lofty, cerebral reasons kind of miss the point of sex-it surpasses logic, reason and (oftentimes) common sense.

There are plenty of other aspects to the whole ‘impregnation and breeding’ scene which don’t do anything for me. Phrases like ‘knock me up’ or anything with the words ‘daddy’ are instant bone-killers. I get they work for other people, especially ones who enjoy daddy/daughter play but they’re just not for me. There’s also a massive element of incest based stuff in this area and ‘mommy’ fetishisation that is a real turn-off. Again, no judgement, it just doesn’t do anything for me.

Another thing I have really enjoyed has been some erotica with a strong pregnancy element to it-notably sci-fi stuff such as the Faephobia series or a few stories about a phenomenon called ‘hucows’. The former is based on the mystical-where rapid pregnancies, expanded tits and shapeshifting are commonplace. The latter is a wide genre in which females (and sometimes males) are treat like cattle and ‘bred’. There’s a strong emphasis on fertility and milking and definitely some BDSM components in there. It’s all a bit strange and I don’t fully understand the reasons why I find some of it so arousing (sometimes more so than regular erotica if I’m in the right mood) but there’s so much of it out there I know for a fact it’s not just me.

It’s tricky admitting to anything of this nature, it’s all very taboo and if somebody admitted being into it to me I wouldn’t know how to react. I wouldn’t want to give my own kinks away by letting them know ‘me too!’ and I would even find it difficult to congratulate them for being so honest. I’ve not shared it even with my partner, someone whom I can trust with nearly every aspect of my sexuality, as the line between reality and fantasy can be stretched a little too thin. Whilst we might want children some time in the future, right now I really don’t want any. Asking her to declare ‘put a baby in me’ only for it to happen soon afterwards just feels like testing fate.

She had been known to throw out the phrase ‘fill me up’ loudly when in the throes of her own orgasm and it never fails to succeed in it’s demand, causing my balls to tighten up and my hips to thrust even deeper into her-determined to put my cum into her as deep as possible. Part of this may be some sort of evolutionary desire to impregnate her or it might just be the conviction and sincerity in her voice which makes me want to do whatever I can to give her the best climax of her life. I do know that the thought of my cum being inside of her, swilling around whenever she moves or leaking slowly out into her panties is a major turn-on but whether I want my little swimmers to actually complete their task is a whole different story in my mind.

Some sites I’ve looked at whilst writing this post say the excitement can come from the ‘risk’ or ‘danger’ of a pregnancy happening and I think this may in fact be true. From my own personal point of view, I’m not sure if it extends from a deep seated desire to protect myself by reframing something-having gone through the abortion process with a previous parnter my brain tries to now make the idea exciting rather than something I should dwell upon with sorrow. This idea might need some kind of psychotherapist to confirm or work through though, I may just be grasping at straws with this one.

All I know is now we’re using a less reliable method of birth control I’ve been thinking about this fetish a lot and worrying if it did come true would I enjoy the process of having the novelty of a pregnant woman to fuck more than the resulting child at the end of the journey? It’s a question I can’t currently answer and that tells me I’m definitely not ready for this thing to become anything more than fantasy for the immediate future.

There’s always that awkward stage of pregnancy where people can’t tell if you’re fat or pregnant…

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