Comparing Male And Female Underwear

lingerie-160612_1280Male underwear is boring. This is fact. Whether it’s loose fitting boxers, tight Y-fronts or jockey style underwear it serves a purpose-to hold and possibly protect your bits from being caught in a zipper. And that’s it. It can be decorative in terms of what’s printed on it or fun but sexy? That’s a tricky one.

Of course, sexy male underwear exists. It’s just that it’s mainly in the form of satin thongs, leopard print posing pouches or some kind of novelty face or ‘hat’ to contain your bits. Funny, sure. Sexy, no. It’s definitely not as good as conveying the ‘I’m in the mood for something kinky’ message female underwear is.

For example, a woman in a trench coat with stockings, suspenders and lacy bra underneath-sexy. Guy with a trench coat on with only a posing pouch underneath? Hmmm, it’s just not the same. To be honest a guy wearing women’s lingerie under a trench coat is still problematic, but I’d still take that over a posing pouch. I guess a lot of other people would to-just check out the kind of audiences the Rocky Horror Show attracts.

This brings up my first point about female underwear-it has it’s own sexy name. Lingerie. Straight from one of the sexiest languages on the planet, French. Now, not all women’s underwear could be classed as lingerie-granny panties and big period knickers might not fit into the category but the fact a different category exists tells us about the dual-functionality of female undergarments.

Most female underwear serves the same purpose as men’s-to protect your bits (albeit slightly differently-I don’t imagine most women worry about getting their parts caught in a zip but I can’t imagine getting your pubic hair trapped in your zip would be pleasant either!) but it also helps convey sexiness. Sometimes that sexiness can be kept just for the wearer. A little confidence boost knowing that you’re wearing something no one else knows about. Or worn with a promise of what you’ve got in mind for later to get you through the boring, humdrum workday.

There’s just so many types of female underwear, too. Worn in a certain way it’s all sexy. Big boy shorts style with a nice wiggle of the hips can be just as enticing as a wispy, barely-there pair of French cut briefs. Thongs that accentuate the cheeks or invisible, tiny G-strings which disappear in between the crack, making you envious of a piece of clothing which gets to spend all of it’s ‘working hours’ cradled between one of the most heavenly places on a woman’s body. Or maybe that one’s just me.

There’s also much more little finishing touches to women’s briefs. Little bows or ribbons. Lace detailing. Drawstrings at the side. Sometimes tiny chains or pearls of jewellery. It’s this variety that draws me to wearing women’s underwear.

Somedays a gorgeous satin pair with big polka dots and lace edges is how I’m feeling. Other times it’s a tiny black mesh pair which sits beautifully between my cheeks, caressing me with every movement and making me feel just a little bit more feminine. Or, if I’m feeling particularly submissive and I want my partner to know I am, it’ll be a white pair to show my ‘innocent’ side. White cotton, lace, small or big? It all depends on what I stumble across and what my mood is that day.

It’s the variety and how expressive female underwear can be that helps me to convey that message to my partner when I show her what I’ve been wearing all day that excites me. The thoughts which rush through my head waiting for my ‘big reveal’ later and what her reaction will be. Will she see me in a lacy pair with my burgeoning erection and want to instantly take me inside or her? Or will she want me to ‘put on a show’, bending over for her and agreeing to any angle she wants to see me like the ‘good little girl’ I am.

Sometimes though, as happens a lot in real life, the fantasy doesn’t match up to expectations and I’ve been wearing panties all day only for us to both fall into bed in a tired state-with no sex at all happening. I really don’t mind these days either-it doesn’t always have to be a sexual thing. These days I’m just glad I did what I wanted. Wore what I wanted to and it made me feel a little brighter, perkier and alive.

It also makes me glad I found a partner who watches me undress to reveal a pretty pink pair of panties and reacts by giggling and asking “have you been wearing those all day?” In a tone of voice which conveys interest, humour at my kinks and acceptance. With no hint of judgement, just love.

Life is too short to wear boring undies…

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