Take Advantage Of Me


I was half asleep. That’s when my submissive side normally shows itself. Somewhere in between dreams and waking. Her hand was wrapped around my slowly stiffening cock, wanking me off from behind as I felt her breasts push into my back.

She was horny. She wanted to wake me up in a special way. I was busy sleeping so wasn’t aroused at all but that was changing rapidly as every stroke of my cock caused it to grow and my brain to be swamped with feel good chemicals.

Her hand moved lower to check if my ‘pussy’ was awake tonight. It was. She ran her hands along it, touching both it and the base of my shaft as her expert touch continued to rouse me from slumber. I remained laying on my side, writhing under her touch but refusing to turn around to reciprocate her affections. I was enjoying her administrations to my sensitive areas but a part of my brain that was still asleep was not. It felt violated. And part of me was more turned on about the idea of my partner ‘taking advantage of me’ than any other thought.

She continued stimulating me, rubbing my pussy and asking if I liked it when I grumbled back to her in a low, quiet voice “Take advantage of me.” Her touch changed immediately and I could sense her smiling somewhere behind me.

Her grip on me tightened, aggressive and sharp. I pretended to roll over to resist her advances and she reached over, pulling on my thighs and twisting my body so that I was lying on my back, prone next to her.

Her strokes on my cock sped up, becoming much more urgent as she wrapped her entire fist around my shaft.

“Please don’t…” I mumbled back, half in the character I was feeling and half in genuine fear that the whole experience would be over much too soon if she continued at her current pace.

I was on the tipping point of orgasm. The beautiful moment before the crescendo. Every nerve ending in my body was alight with pleasure but the wave hadn’t yet crashed, swamping my senses until my body responds in erratic, uncontrollable and spasmodic twitches and cum spews powerfully from the tip of my engorged length.

“Stop…stop…” I groaned, not meaning the words at all but committing to my role as my submissive side fully emerged and wanted to object to the erotic and forceful treatment it was being subjected to. I was also trying to stay on that amazing pinnacle and I wanted her to at least slow down and hold my body there.

She ignored my protests, staying in her dominant character effortlessly and sped up, causing a throaty growl from somewhere deep inside of me at the same time as a feminine whimper and I felt my cum erupt from the tip of my cock and land on my stomach in hot and satisfying little splats, scattered in random patches as my partner jerked my length in different directions.

When I opened my eyes she was smiling at me and mopping my fluids from her fingers.

“Thank you.” I whispered and she flashed a brilliant smile, comforting me as I remained in my submissive bubble.


In between dreams and waking, that’s when I’m hers. Completely.

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