My Nipples Feel Nothing


The title says it all. Despite having a ‘female’ side, my nipples feel nothing. Not pleasure, not pain, nothing. They may as well be just another part of skin.

Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s advantages. For one, my partner has super sensitive nipples to the point where they’re painful for her to play with and even the slightest bump causes intense pain. Ouch. I wouldn’t want that. Any ladies with painfully sensitive nipples, you have my sympathy.

Secondly, when at school, should another boy attempt the dreaded ‘nipple cripple’ (a technique popular when I was attending school which involved grabbing someones nipple tightly and twisting it forcibly through 180 degrees or more) I could just blankly stare at them until the absurdity of their grasp on my nipple became more apparent than any pain I was in, making them look foolish and myself like a badass resistant to pain.

But now? As someone trying to explore their female side more having pointless ‘man-nipples’ (a phrase I’ve seen in many a terrible erotica tale) takes away a part of my physique that is overtly sexualised in females in our culture. This got me thinking though.

I’ve never had a partner who was massively into breast/nipple play (or maybe I’m just really bad at it?) but I do know of a few close friends whose nipples are more of a pain source than a pleasure source. So is the sexualisation of breasts entirely from the male gaze?

Growing up in the time of Baywatch and when TVs started broadcasting soft-core porn (boobs only) I’ve grown up with a sexual view of breasts. As have most of us. But is this a bad thing? Should breasts be celebrated or moved to a state where their functional purpose (nourishing babies) is their only purpose rather than any kind of sexualisation?

I don’t have any answers. All I know is mine don’t feel anything and I can’t really play with my partners so, for the foreseeable future, breasts are a fun thing to be looked at but they don’t have much of a physical role (as in ‘hands-on’) in my world. Anyone out there different? Would love to hear from anyone who really likes breast play, and if so, what do you like to do/have done?

The reason men have nipples is because all embryos start off as female in the womb.

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