First Time Trying Panties


My first experience wearing women’s panties was quite some time ago. Over ten years in fact.

First up I would like to state that I know most women in the UK prefer the term ‘knickers’, whereas Americans seem to use ‘panties’. Then there are strange idioms such as ‘panty-sniffer’ but you wouldn’t say ‘knicker-sniffer’. Likewise, you can have ‘crotchless knickers’ but not crotchless panties’.

I think of both terms as interchangeable but I personally prefer ‘panties’ as they imply a kinky undertone. Probably tracks with me wanting to feel like a ‘girl’ rather than a ‘woman’ or maybe something else I’ve not even thought of.

The first time I ever wore a pair it came less from a sense of wanting to be a girl and more of wanting to be with a girl. My girlfriend at the time. She was living several hundred miles away at the time and we were trying the whole ‘long-distance’ thing. It wasn’t going as well as I’d hoped and I was missing her desperately. (I can’t speak on her behalf, she may have missed me as much or not. She was hard to read at times.)

We’d had some fun with skyping sessions and spoke/texted as often as possible but, as anyone who’s been in the same situation can tell you, it’s just not the same as them being there. Touching them, tasting them, breathing them in. It was based on this that I absently asked her for a pair of her used undergarments. (covers both panties and knickers using that term! I’m going transatlantic!) She half laughed, half asked what I was looking for and I asked if I could have a pair she’d masturbated into. The request didn’t shock her (she knew I was a massive pervert by now in the relationship!) but it wasn’t mentioned again and I thought nothing of it. That was until a padded envelope arrived one day with her writing on the front. Inside, with no note or anything else, was a pair of slightly soiled white cotton panties.

I instantly had to ‘use’ said panties and texted her to thank her for such a thoughtful gift. It was one of the most romantic things she did for me during our time together (she wasn’t particularly romantic or sweet like my current partner is) and it was honestly a very touching present as well as being sexy as hell.

During the next time we were talking on the phone (and things were getting a bit heated) she asked if I had them to hand. I did, but something inside of me wanted to be closer to her than just smelling her aroma. So I wore them. I slid the thin cotton material over my legs and was instantly turned on even further as well as somehow feeling closer to her.

It’s hard to explain in rational terms (so I won’t try) but that’s what motivated me to try wearing women’s underwear for the first time. A desire to be closer to someone. To be them in some small way. I told her I was wearing them and she laughed it off-it didn’t appear to be something she wanted to explore further. And I didn’t. For years later. Not until I met my current partner.

At some point in my current relationship (I honestly can’t remember when) I mentioned my penchant for ‘low level cross dressing’ (it’s never been anything other than the underpants for me-not even the bra or stockings does anything, I’ve tried) to my then-girlfriend, now so much more, and she ran with it.

I took pictures of myself wearing them when she was away (I think I enjoyed it more than her, if I’m honest!) I wore pairs of hers and even ordered my own ‘made for men’ style panties. She has always taken it in her stride and I love her even more for it. It’s not something we do often. Sometimes we go for months without any kind of ‘panty-play’ but it’s another string to our sexual bow (or guitar would be more accurate as bows only have one string. Strange expression, that one).

Sometimes when I wear her panties I feel more dominant. More manly. Like I’m so secure in with my own sexuality that I can wear women’s underpants and still feel like a man. This scenario generally plays out with me revealing what I’m wearing before I ‘command’ her onto her knees to suck me off before bending her over (panties still on, sometimes hers too as I like a good ‘panties pulled to the side’ desperate fuck) and we fuck furiously.

Other times, especially if I’m being a bit more ‘coy’ than usual, she’ll read the signs and order me upstairs where I’ll strip for her, posing sometimes, and she’ll make me feel like her little bitch before donning her strap on, making me suck it and then fucking me with it. Or she’ll tease me over and over with a hand job (with additional anal fun toys occasionally) and I’m not allowed to use my hands. She doesn’t even need to tie me up, I’m such an obedient ‘little slut.’

I love it when she takes charge like this and uses derogatory language towards me. Not always, but as a little ‘treat’ every now and then. It keeps things fresh when you switch. At least that’s what I’ve discovered.

Any stories of panty wearing anyone wants to share or is there a certain way you like to let your partner know you’re feeling submissive or dominant? Any names you call each other as a signal? And are there any girls who like to wear their man’s underpants for something other than comfort? Is it something gay/lesbian couples participate in? I’d love to hear anything as I’m always looking to expand the things we try together and my knowledge of how people interact in private. It makes me a better writer!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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