Work Process


I wanted to write a (very) short blog post to explain my writing process and what readers can expect from my books.

I try to tell a compelling story within each chapter or book I write. Each one will have a central ‘sex scene’ but I hope that the build up is just as good as the ‘payoff’ for my readers.

My output is not as quick as some other authors as this is not my only source of income. I also proofread, edit, design and shoot all my own front covers and this can be time consuming. It’s definitely a labour of love but if you’re wondering why the next part of your favourite series hasn’t been out in a while, I apologise-these things take time!

I try to leave my main characters appearance (and sometimes name!) as vague as possible to make it easier to imagine yourself in the role, experiencing everything our brave hero or heroine does without comparing yourself to them. I also try to write realistic descriptions of characters physiques. I understand that the genre is fantasy, some of it complete fantasy, but I’m personally put off by every male character I read about having ‘rock hard abs’ and every female having boobs ‘the size of watermelons but still perky’. Sometimes it just feels like body shaming while you’re just trying to lie back and enjoy yourself. Or maybe that’s just me. I could probably work harder at the gym. And maybe eat less snacks…opinions below please!

Slow progress is better than no progress…

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