The Journey Begins

Phoenix WomanSo here it is. First blog post. It’s honestly kinda strange even writing these words knowing that there’s a quite high probability that they’ll never actually be read by anyone as I haven’t got a clue about digital marketing, SEO’s (they’re important apparently!) or how to get people to find you online. Saying that, (deep breath) here goes…

In my first post I wanted to talk about how I’ve recently (last six months or so) discovered my inner ‘girl’. The reason I use the term ‘girl’ as opposed to ‘female’, ‘woman’ or ‘mother-fucking-amazonian-princess’ I’ll try to make as clear as possible.

A little about me. I’m a cis male. Never had anything even close to a homosexual experience (not even a peck on the cheek-how vanilla am I?) I like being a man. I like being the strong one for my spouse. I like paying for things, holding the door open, usual male stereo types. I like being dominant, pulling my partner’s hair roughly as I fuck her from behind. Tying her up and teasing her over and over again till she begs me to come in as polite a manner I deem acceptable. I’ve even visited a dominatrix with her so that I could learn how to spank a swing a flogger against her bare ass better.

I love having a cock. I love the power I feel from it. Not in a privileged ‘I’m a man so I can do what I want with this thing between my legs and everybody just has to accept that!’ way but in a ‘this thing is big and heavy when I’m aroused and it’s covered in veins that are ready to explode as lust courses through it’ kinda way.

So far so good. All fairly standard except…every now and then I like my partner to treat me like her little girl and make me submissive. I’d been tied up before and never really enjoyed it. I didn’t see the point if I’m honest. I love to be the giver, sexually, and watch as my partner comes over and over at my touch. Maybe every one before just wasn’t committed to the whole ‘tying up your man’ thing, but the first time my partner did it years ago I enjoyed it. I fucking loved it.

A little about my partner for background information. She has the best handjob technique of anyone who’s ever touched my bits. She can tease me for ages or bring me off in mere moments. She’s even managed the holy grail of ‘ruined orgasm’ once or twice and I begged her for more.

I’ve always had more than a little femininity about me. I have a girly butt and hips. I like wearing panties occasionally (future blog post to explain this one!) and when I was younger I liked wearing nail polish (in a very rock n roll way I hasten to add!) I’ve never been shy of butt play and more than once someone has been convinced I was gay.

Slowly she’s opened me up and woken the girl inside of me through dominant play, using a strap on and generally accepting my weird little kinks as they appeared. Part of my ‘girly side’ was awoken when I created a profile on an adult website and uploaded some pictures of myself in panties (another future blog post – I’d better get writing!) One comment on a pic with my ass spread high in the air, exposing everything called my ass a ‘pussy’ and it made me feel so naughty. Kinky. Submissive. (From what I’ve read about this, it can be a problem area for a lot of people and the term ‘boi pussy’ is detested by more than a few folk in the gay community but I’m merely conveying how I felt at the time). From then on I’d explore my inner girl whenever I felt in the mood and my partner would entertain me.

The pinnacle of my experience happened when we were fooling around whilst half asleep. My partner woke me with her hands stroking around my ‘area’ (you know where I mean) and my body responded in a strange way. The patch of skin below my balls but just above my perineum (also known as the gooch, banus, taint or grundel-I love language and how many words we can invent for body parts. If I’ve missed any comment below. The more regional the better!) was super sensitive and the more she stroked the area the more intense the feeling was. It was almost like an intense tickling and I thrashed and moaned as she worked away at my previously undiscovered erogenous zone.

The pleasure built and built until I came. Not a regular orgasm, no ejaculation (this time, she has since managed to tip me over the edge until my cock exploded with cum without touching it-again, future post!) but the sensation was the same and my entire body was shaking. I kept begging her to continue and touch ‘my pussy’ as I called it. Hearing the word out loud in my semi awake state turned me on even more and I had a few more ‘pussy-orgasms’ (as we now call them) before she took a hold of my shaft and I came instantly (the typical way, with an eruption of spunk and the instant required refractory period.) Since then it’s happened a few times, I can’t really control when it will occur or seem to stimulate it myself (it’s like tickling – you can’t do it to yourself!) but when my ‘inner girl’ comes out to play it’s always a joy when my partner indulges me. And from that came the desire to write from both genders point of view and explore things through erotic writing.

Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about…


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