My Superhero Origin Story


My first foray into ‘erotic writing’ was a made-up scenario sent into the mens magazine Club International way back in 2003-2004 (can’t remember exactly when) written from a female perspective for their readers letters section ‘Talkin’ Blue’. It was about a girls fictional lesbian experience with a friend whilst on holiday where, after being disappointed by the locals becoming too drunk to fuck, their conversation turned more and more ‘blue’ (see what I did there?) until they ended up in a sapphic frenzy of tongues, fingers and even a hairbrush.

At the time I was unemployed and the £50 paid for getting the story printed came in handy. It also made me realise several things about being a writer.

  1. It was fun writing your fantasies down for others to share.
  2. You get no credit. As the story was written from a female perspective I had to use a pseudonym.
  3. Your work will be edited without prior consent if you’re being paid. There was a whole sentence made up in the middle I didn’t write.
  4. You will get rejected. I also wrote a male perspective story about anal sex for their ‘Peaches’ letter section which wasn’t printed.

Even though I had enjoyed the experience, nothing more ever came of it. I continued to enjoy reading erotica but I never wrote anymore. Until my next girlfriend.

We had a shared a passion for pornography (written and visual) so when she bought me a pack of 30 (or maybe it was 50?) postcards for a birthday I said I would write and post her an erotic story in as many parts, one per day. Maybe it was an over-the-top romantic gesture or maybe once the words were out of my mouth she kinda ‘dared’ me to. And we were a very competitive couple.

What then happened was an elaborate story telling experience in which I had to divide things up into many, many smaller parts so that each one made sense whilst adding to the wider narrative. There were complaints from her when the action appeared to be heading in one direction rather than another so, once again, outside editing was a factor.

I think she enjoyed the stories (and perhaps overall story?) but we never really spoke about it and the relationship came to a close not long after she had all postcards in her possession. I enjoyed the writing and sharing erotic fantasies part of everything but, once again, I did nothing about it for ten years. Until now.

Whilst learning to touch type (to write a different book on a completely different subject under a different author’s name) my now partner joked I should write some erotica. I’d bought her some erotic stories years ago (as she doesn’t enjoy traditional ‘video porn’) and she’d returned the favour with one of those personalised erotica tales. The story was definitely hot but I knew I could do better. Mainly by instead of sandwiching random personal details into the story by leaving the character descriptions vague and not using any names. And so the Recording Fantasies series was born.

The first three parts weren’t written exactly in sequence, more as in whichever part I felt like writing about and whether I was in a headspace to write an erotic scene or a narrative or non-erotic part of the book.

After putting parts of it up on Amazon, and certain chapters on Literotica, I decided to make a blog to promote things. I also started writing the Gendermorph series. And that’s where we are now. The complete history of Phoenix Rose. What’s your story? Why do you write/blog? Or read them if you don’t? Comment below!

Why the frantic goose picture? Don’t we all feel like that sometimes?

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