Celebrating Summer!


Summer’s here! And let’s all celebrate (aside from those of us with hayfever!). Let’s celebrate the days being longer. The air being fresher. People (generally) being in a better mood. Let’s celebrate holidays. Barbecue gatherings with friends. Trips to the beach and ice cold drinks when you’re just too hot.

But let’s also celebrate bravery. Summer is a time when we all show more than we’re used to. And not just physically.

See that girl awkwardly pulling her crop top down to cover her exposed midriff? Wanting to show off a figure that she might have worked hard to attain but not wanting to be labeled a ‘slut’?

Another girl, a little bigger than what society calls ‘normal’ has taken a deep breath and donned a pair of shorts she thought were ‘too short’ for someone like her. She’s showing off more skin than she normally does and it’s taken everything those around her have to convince her to leave the house.

Another girl, not quite what advertisers would have you believe is a ‘summer body’, took twenty minutes looking herself up and down in a mirror before she resigned herself to the fact it’s too hot to wear any more clothing and stepped outside like it was the first time she’d ever left the house.

A final girl, sporting fresh self marks she’s given herself for not looking ‘beach ready’ walks past traffic, all too aware everyone can see her scars.

Let’s celebrate all their brave efforts. And by celebrate I don’t mean leer. I don’t mean elbowing a mate subtly whilst ascribing all sorts of titles and labels.

By celebrate I mean compliment where possible. Make someone’s day. Reward their bravery. Compliment sincerely. Celebrate all body types. All the nervous girls, self-conscious women, all the anxious ladies in our life who’ve fought their inner demons just to step outside and expose more skin than they normally would, ready to be scrutinised by the society’s standards.

And if you can’t compliment or see their beauty or if they’re just not your type that’s fine. Just don’t say anything. Just shut the fuck up and know that nothing you can say to them hasn’t been said to them a thousand times already by the demons the media put in their head. As always, two rules are in effect during this sunny summer period.

  1. If you can’t be nice, be quiet.
  2. Don’t be a dick.

All bodies are summer bodies

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